The internet is full of stuff, arguably too much stuff and arguably also not quality content. People that have known me for many years know that I always tinker around with my website or webspace but rarely let something slip online.
This is mostly out of fear that somebody might not like it, that somebody might say something bad about it.
Sometimes it doesn’t fit my own criteria of perfection. Perfectionism has been a loyal companion over all of these years and I trying my best to let go of it. Somebody else can have it, I don’t want it anymore.

Back to the original point, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you like this particular content or not. However regardless of that decision, it’s here and it’s going to stay for a while at least.
To make an analogy to Kyle Cease’s Book “I Hope I Screw This Up”, I’m the apple tree and I’ll make dem apples whether anybody cares or not. is just the latest of many revisions of my website. I never knew what to do with it and still kept it, mostly for the personalized email address and it’s hard to let go sometimes.
I’m sure most people know that feeling at least.

Doesn’t matter though. I decided this is going to be the place where I put my stuff online, no matter what kind of stuff it’s going to be or if somebody is interested. I feel a need to create, to be creative and to share it.
Maybe, just maybe, somebody somewhere will find it useful, informative, inspirational or can laugh about it.
Should you still be confused about what to expect, just think “stuff”. My interests are wide ranging and even I’m not able to predict what I’ll find interesting next. Let alone what I’ll actually let myself invest time into.


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