So what is Project: Orion? This is my current main project. It’s supposed to be a video game at some point. In it’s current state it’s a tech demo, so visuals are not important yet.

The title is simply inspired by Master of Orion and the working title of that project, until I can come up with something that fits. That picture though is 2 minutes worth of my expertise in Photoshop and a bit of googling for the background picture.

What made me start it?
Since I’ve been playing Master of Orion 2 (MoO2) I always came back for the same thing: to cheat the living hell out of the game so I could get to the interesting part, building ships and enjoying space fights. I didn’t particularly enjoy the turn-based fighting but more simply the visuals, combined with my imagination those fights were pretty awesome.
After many years of gaming I’ve always been left wanting a certain kind of game, that I just couldn’t find. Games like Space Pirates and Zombies certainly came close but didn’t quite feel right. Not the way I wanted it. I can’t say when the idea was born but somewhere along the way I thought I’d love to give it a try, to design the game I’d love to play myself. I have always been keen on designing things myself, then being dragged into the endless spiral of perfectionism and therefore to never finish the project I was working on.
Being the quiet and introverted kid I have been I also enjoyed to play with my little plastic space ships and imagine the greatest of space battles one could think of back in the day. Like at least 5+ years ago.

I wanted a game that gives me visually pleasing (although that being highly subjective), real-time space action fights between a rather small number of ships (in order to have full control) with some but not too much depth to it.
I’m currently building the prototype. I’m not spending a lot of time on this on a daily basis as it’ll have to be shared with sleeping, eating and enjoying life.

I’ve recently uploaded a gif for a friend to show him what I’ve been doing and this is the album on imgur:

Project: Orion – Gifs n stuff

There you see the glorious AI that my rockets use currently. It’s a wreck and my current focus obviously.

I’ll upload more into that as time goes.

Project: Orion
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