To keep track of the entire project and to keep it organized, I decided to create a roadmap. Also included a change log to keep track of actual changes includes the dates of those changes. For those interested as well as and of course me. Mostly for me.

Also worth noting, this is indeed a very lengthy project and process for what I call a prototype, I’ve also called this a MVP (minimum viable product). From my point of view the “space shooter genre” is well established, there is little I can gain from putting together a real prototype that would be most basic and simple in its approach. My prototype builds upon a vision that I have in my mind and only when that version of a MVP or prototype is truly finished, will I be able to determine the future of this game.


v0.10 – animations & particle effects, finished prototype including all necessary features to adequately judge the game and have it judged by others
v0.09 – first draft UI
v0.08 – basic item integration
v0.07 – various tech modules for testing purposes
v0.06 – simple enemy AI
v0.05 – weapon implementation including working semi-realistic behaviour
v0.04 – working projectile AI
v0.03 and earlier – progress up to now


Change log

-WIP (will be populated from now on, once significant changes have been made) – 

Project: Orion – Change log & roadmap
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