Work In Progress – most of what I do can be categorized as such. I do have the uncanny ability to start an awful lot of things just to never finish them. It does bother me though, don´t get me wrong.

Despite that, it´s useful to have a list of things you wanted to start or have started at some point in order not to forget them. This is that list:

  • Technology related
    • IoT Mirror
      • Mostly because I think it´s cool, unsure about where to put it, what to implement and such
    • IoT Alarm Clock
      • I want to replace my current alarm clock, which currently offers 2 alarm clocks which can set separately but the buttons degrade quickly, meaning it´ll lose functionality over time. The IoT device would ideally access my google calendar and set itself up correctly.
    • Mechanical Keyboard
      • This requires little work to get the tech working, keyboards seem to be rather simple after all and I always wanted to have my own keyboard
    • PiZero / Pi3 Consoles
      • Possibly a bigger project, I wanted to have the console inside the controller and possibly have that wireless as well, however that may be too ambitious. In any case, I do have a design in mind for the Pi3 version of the device that would require 3D printing as well.
    • Double sided mirror (with magnifying side) with LED lighting
      • This would ideally be powered by a huge battery, like 1000+ mAh to reduce the need to charge it all that often, first I´ll need to understand how to do build a simple LED circuit including usb charging + battery


  • Leatherworking
    • Book-cover
      • Torn apart and stitched together kind of look
    • Laptop case
      • since my laptop case is made out of some kind of rubbery fabric that already has holes on all corners, I figured it would be nice to have a case that is open up top for easy removal (good and bad I suppose) while protecting the delicate laptop from other stuff in my bag